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Changzhou Guangsha Exhibition Tent Co., Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of Changzhou Lingtong Decoration Group Corporation. G.S. is expert in research, development, and manufacture of outdoor Large-scale exhibition canopies

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Changzhou Guangsha Exhibition Tent Co.,Ltd, China party tent, wedding tent, exhibition tent, used marquee tent, clear roof wedding tent, heavy duty storage tent, transparent wedding tent, outdoor temporary storage tent, white fabric wedding canopy, big tents for events manufacturer and supplier.


The charm of the exhibition tent is not always the appearance, I pay more attention to its convenience. It is for the size of the different venues. The ground of the ground is sandy, grass, cement ground or marble such as the ground can not be destroyed
Exhibition tent in the use of skills: 1, we buy a new outdoor Exhibition Tent, open the packaging to be careful not to blindly scraping the carton with a weapon, so as not to cause the tarpaulins were scratched, should gently tear off the outer sealing tape, and then remove the tent The
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